Kojima Auto Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kojima Auto Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

An Auto Part manufacturing specialist. The company has a long history and experiences in the professional trace back to 25 years, manufacturing auto parts for domestic and international motor houses across the world. Trusted by leading car manufacturers for its authentic “made-in-japan” manufacturing processes.
108 of 20 - 1300 tonnes molding machines are operating daily to keep up with customers’ demand and maintain our stock in its standard range.

Business Information

Company Name Kojima Auto Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Short Name KATT
Location 121 Moo 13, Hua Wa Subdistrict, Srimahaphot District, Prachinburi 25140
Telephone (037) 218-687
Facsimile (037) 218-876
Establishment 23 July 2020
Paid Capital 1,432,095,000 Million Baht
Factory Area 99,364.86 sq m.
Building Area 46,687.15 sq m.

Organization Chart

Members of the Kojima group work under the core pillar which we call “One-business”, the management philosophy that accommodates a strong and sturdy network within the group.

KATT Technology

Our technology and innovation future is forward looking at a range of development that builds a coherent working environment with manskills and know-how, in order to support remarkable improvements in productivity, both quantity and quality. And underpin our effort to create sustain growth in the industry and economy,

Design team

We combine creative expertise with commercial awareness to ideate and create ergonomic automotive parts that will grow your business.

Test & EVA

When researching and testing, we use sophisticated quality controlling measurements that meet international standards and requirements. To ensure not only our products quality but your customers’ safety on the road.

Order System Picture

Receive the order with EDI system (Electronic Data Interchange) and receive the products by barcode system.

Injection Technology

With state-of-the-art robotic injection technology, the innovation enables us to produce 1300 tonnes of high precision micro pieces.

Painting Technology

Our revolutionizing robotic painting innovation ensures maximum accuracy paint works from micro scale up to 1 Sq.m.

Cleanroom Assy

We use Lead free solder, an environmentally friendly solder solution in our cleanroom line. Quality is precisely controlled by an image and electrical sensor systems with an ability to detect minor defections.

TPS & Q-gate

We adopt Q-gate, one of the most accurate and reliable project management systems in the industry andTPS (Toyota Production System) to maximise manufacturing and operation efficiency.

Delivery, Shipping, Control

Delivery is the make or break factors for all business and industries. We develop reliable delivery systems to ensure that the right product will be delivered to the right destination within the right time.

Test Mold Machine

Test Mold machine is used for inhouse maintenance. Defected mold is checked and tested by this machine.

Reverse Mold Machine

Mold will be reversed from horizontal to vertical by the machine in order to reduce risk of danger in the workplace.

Maintenance Mold

The machine is purposed to preventive maintenance of the defected mold during the manufacturing process.



Inside Handle


Knob Shift

Roof register

RR Cup holder


Grip (Revolt)

Box Console

Instrument Panel


Cover Antenna

Cowl Louver

Cover Bumper

Moulding Rocker



Hose Air

Oil Tank

Battery Clamp


Over head console

Heater control


Cable Control

Overhead console

Assures product best quality and accuracy

We update our proactive process of quality assurances technology regularly to ensure that no faulty product that will cause quality and performance issues reaches our customers.

CMM machine

Innovative measurement solution trusted by the industry.

Colin 3D Scanning

3D scanning detection technology.


Optical inspection focusing surface and size.


CNC measurement solution.

Autograph Machine

Test for products pressure and tensile quality.

R-contour-&roughness machine

General and surface measurement.

Clients References

More than 30 years of experience, we have established clients and positive impressions in the international automobile industry. Find how our products deliver value and benefit to their business.

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Automotive interior part manufacturer