Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project

The company’s demand for electric power is likely to increase.  In addition to, Our customer has long been promoting and supporting about renewable energy to reduce the environmental problems and impact on the environment. Our company realize on solar energy that is renewable energy and clean. Solar cells are used to provide the electric . So We  studied the feasibility of solar power system and technology. Our company made the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project and set the On-Grid solar power system in 3 companies.

Plant Ayutthaya

Kojima Industries Asia Corporation Ltd. ( KIAC )
Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ( DAT )

On-Grid solar power system                                  990.57            kWp
Electronic product cost reduce                              2,351,741.4    baht  
CO2 reduce                                                            734.79            TON CO2

Performance of Solar PV System at KIAC DAT

Plant Prachinburi

Kojima Auto Techonology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (KATT)

On-Grid solar power system                                        997.92             kWp
Electronic product cost reduce                                     2,485,249.20  baht  
CO2 reduce                                                                   776.50            TON CO2

Performance of Solar PV System at KATT