Social Responsibility


1. Tree Planting

We participate in the activities under the project “Reduce Global Warming with Rojana Industrial Park” to increase green space and build good relations between factory representatives and Rojana Industrial Park every year.


2. Social Assistance Activities, Following the Footsteps of Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

- Wadtaljedchor School, Ang Thong
The students of this school are mostly from poor families with some students being orphans. Additionally, the available equipment was deteriorated, and there was no maintenance budget. This activity was aimed at repairing the aforementioned equipment and donating necessary things for the school in the long-term. On that day, the activities included construction of a plant nursery, cleaning of the school building and surrounding areas and renovation of the playground. These activities promoted love, unity and sense of sacrifice for society among company employees.

- Banklongmafai School, Prachinburi
This school was a dilapidated school located away from the city. Emphasis was placed on improving the school to be in a usable state. The sports field was painted in addition to the playground, tables, chairs and cafeteria, while the bathrooms were repaired and fishpond covers and vegetable garden made.


3. Blood Donations

The company organizes blood donations at the factory twice annually. On each occasion, many employees have shown interest and participated in donating blood.