Impression at the work
For me, I have worked for this company since it initially manufactured parts of vehicles. Its office
and building was not large and I had some colleagues only. At that time, mostly I had to work by myself and all colleagues assisted very well. Some of them are still my colleagues nowadays. Since
I worked by myself, I learned a lot from what I had never done before. Additionally, the company frequently offered me chances to visit the parent company in Japan for the study tour. I was impressive every time I went there because I saw new products manufactured from the advanced innovation, including the improvement of machinery to have less usable areas but still remain the efficient capacity. I also learned about the procedures and management of manufacturing process, resulting to qualified products and efficient production line, which meet the customers requirements.
As a director of DAT Company, I will apply knowledge to develop the company so that it will have
the same standard of progress similar to the parent company in Japan. I would like personnel who have a chance to visit the parent company to apply knowledge and help developing this organization. It is not only the development of the organization, but also the development of our nation and economy.

I started working at DAT in 2002 in the PC Staff position, and had learned and gained many experiences, witnessing the continual growth of the company in a positive direction. The company has made many progresses in technological development, as well as human resources development.
I myself have had the opportunity to go to Japan for trainings, and had witnessed the development of new technology we have yet to see. I was also entrusted with new responsibilities and new opportunities to enhance my career path. As a result, my family is more secure, and my colleagues are very friendly and supportive.
Another impressive moment of working here is how our Japanese colleagues work. They are very disciplined, systematically organized, and work as a team; they can offer us advices, leading to complete solutions to any problems, allowing me to apply what I could learn from them to improving and developing my own work process.


I have started working here since December, 2006 in Marketing Department. At that time, Daiwa was completely relocated to Wang Noi. I have worked here for 7 years. I have noticed the changes of Daiwa which is developed in the positive direction.
For my first impression, this was the first place where we are able to fully show off our capability. Regarding to the marketing task, it was very challenging to me because it was my first time to provide a quotation and manage negotiation. Fortunately, I started working here with the instruction of Japanese trainees and Thai leaders who always gave me suggestions and I had good and cooperative colleagues who supported my work. I also learned strategies from customers. As a result, my daily working life is full of fun and challenge.
Another impression is that the company has never left employees alone. Although we encountered the flood crisis, the company was able to restore and manufacture products once again.
Since then until now, I have the same feeling. I would like to see all employees attempting to develop Daiwa and grow up simultaneously so that the next generation will feel impressed in Daiwa as well.

I have started working here since the company was located in Wang Noi. I worked in the position of a general staff. I had lots of problem relating to my livelihood, such as, finance, work, and family. At that moment, I felt like I could do whatever to earn lots of money. I have never refused any task assigned by the chief. Until now, I have worked here for 10 years. My livelihood is much better, comparing to the past, in all aspects. I feel like the company is similar to my second home where I have to go there every day.
I tell this story because I would like to say that this company always offers chances to everyone.
All employees have a chance to make progress in working life, no matter where you start from.
The company will give a priority of chances to existing employees because all employees need the progress.
Apart from the better working life, most people require stability. It can be seen that this company has great stability. It is obviously seen from the decision of the company to construct new plant at Rojana Industrial Park, which means the increasing machineries and employees will be needed. This represents the strength and stability of the company. Although the company encountered the flood crisis, causing damages to nearly all machineries, it can restore and manufacture products like in the past. In addition, the company also paid compensation to employees without leaving each other.
Regarding to the development of personnel, I had a chance to learn tasks in Japan. This was a great opportunity to develop knowledge and focus on foreign language. In addition, all chief and colleagues are friendly and always give advices when I face any problems. These are all my impressions at work here.

My name is MS.ARANYA TUANTUN. I have been working at DAT around 15 years. I am representative of employee 5 years 10 years 15 years in ages.
DAT is the first company I worked for in life. In 1998, DAT was located at FACTORY LAND SOI 10. At that time there was 30 staffs and a few machines. But now DAT is grown up and employee is increased too. I am also very impressed during flood situation, the company didn’t layoff any employee although company faced severe flood situation. Thai staffs and Japanese staffs are always support each other in everything and will become the good day like this.
And I’d like to say “Thank You” to DAT that make all of employee’s life and my life to be good and getting better. Beside that my job are stable, I’d like to pray for DAT that “DAT become to be number one company in Thailand” thank you

I’m impressed my colleague as from my boss to my colleague that I am in charge of them. We always work together in an atmosphere of team-work. And my team member in department will be support each other at all time and my boss always advice me about everything that I don’t understand; moreover when I talk over with all of boss, they are always glad to advice me. My subordinates follow and work as well what I say or command. When I entrust them to machine problem-solving, some project or improve job etc. Everyone help each other to do and join every activity.
I’m also impressed other department colleague. Everyone is always cooperate in every activity.
I am impressed factory, both outside and inside factory is cleaned, nice and orderly and atmosphere is so good.
I am impressed with the management team that always looking for the good thing for my learning. Beside the salary that I get every month, I also get the good welfare that make my family to have a better living.

I started to work at DAIWA KASEI from 2008. I rely on the company for steady income, good welfare. Beside that I have good friends, good boss to support me. I can work effectively and is involved in the production of quality products to send to customer on time. It makes me to have
a lot of experience.
Beside that company held the good activities every year such as Sport Day, to encourage all employees to participate in activities to provide employees with the union and harmony. I am very proud and glad to be as representative of company to have a chance to go to our mother company “KOJIMA” for 75th year Establishment Celebration Event in JAPAN. At that time I have a chance to show THAI’s Classical Dancing for culture propagation. I got appreciation from Japanese and they liked THAI’s Classical Dancing show so much. This is my great experience. I’d like to say thank you
to company for give me a chance and always promote the activity like this activity. I impressed so much.During the past five years, I have gained a lot of experiences from Daiwa Kasei. I feel warm like a family and my lifestyle is getting better.
Lastly, I would like to thank Daiwa Kasei that gave me an opportunity to joined in the company.
I promise I will work hard, follow the regulation and corporate to our company to be the first global ranking in Asia.