The company organizes activities to effectively improve the organization and work conditions. One implementable activity is the TQCC activity. We emphasize that all company employees gain proper TQCC skills and participate in work improvement, to develop knowledgeable employees with acceptable skills who can work as a team. In addition, leadership and employee capabilities are improved to continuously develop our company and achieve policy objectives.





2. HRD

We aim to promote and support employees to gain work skills, knowledge and potential development in terms of both production and good management because we want all employees to possess knowledge, potential and skills as effective supervisors.







3. TPS

The company has adopted the TPS (Toyota Production System) in production. As a result, production has become more systematic and organized. Kanban is used to control production such as Kanban for ordering production or parts requisition to enter the production line or Kanban for requisitioning parts from the manufacturer at equal volume to the actual usage quantity. All of this leads to reduced storage of stock and less use of storage space, which cuts management costs. Doing so boosts work effectiveness in an effort to limit waste from production in order to increase quality in production processes.

4. 5 - S

5-S activities form the basis of all activities in the company and are aimed at producing agencies with work standards and increased productivity per agency, improve work environment and work safety, maintain order and cleanliness in line with hygiene principles with easily detectible abnormalities. Doing so enhances good work atmosphere and promotes the positive image of the organization through employee participation at every level with continuous implementation to create a culture within the organization. Therefore, 5S activities are organized.




5. Sawasdee Activity

This activity is organized so employees greet one another and executives in order to promote good relations and create a good work atmosphere.

6. Kaizen

This activity is aimed at promoting employee participation in work and quality improvement for the purpose of building teamwork and providing employees with problem-solving skills by using tools to analyze the reasons for real problems and successfully eliminate those reasons based on principles and logic in a systematic manner. Problems are resolved and improvements are made continuously in order to develop the company and achieve policy objectives.






7. Secret Activity

In compliance with data security activities policy, this activity is aimed at promoting and ensuring compliance with policies set by the parent company in addition to specifications set by Toyota. The purpose of this is to protect and maintain company secrets and prevent leaks to the outside. Practice includes inspection of items, production line access control regulations, control of secret works, announcements, photographs, training documents, document control, flash drive usage regulations and control of computers and telephone.

8. Drug-free Sports and New Year’s Celebration Party

Drug-free color sports and New Year’s celebration parties are organized. Morning events are drug-free color sports involving traditional sports competitions such as tug-of-war, ten-leg relay race, ball-passing game using only the head, water balloon tossing, volleyball and soccer. Japanese executives and employees participate to build unity within the organization as well as campaign against drugs. Next, a celebration party is held in the evening with high employee participation. At the event, a lip-sync contest is organized accompanied by music performance and many prize giveaways.


9. Safe-driving Campaign

“Safe driving” training is provided. The training is part of the “Safe Travel during the Holidays” campaign. It is aimed at providing employees with knowledge and understanding about different ways to walk motorcycles, how to lift up crashed vehicles, pre-driving check-ups, driving, driving behaviors and driving while carrying a passenger. The aim is for employees to successfully, correctly and safely apply the knowledge they gain in their daily lives.



10. Health Check-ups

The company organizes annual health check-ups for employees to monitor and screen for diseases. If abnormalities are discovered, treatment can be provided in a timely manner before symptoms become more severe. Health check-ups are divided into two types, namely, general health check-up for all employees and check-ups by risk factors for employees in areas at risk for illness such as employees who are required to regularly work with chemicals, etc.




11. Songkran Day

Every year during the Songkran festival, the company organizes an activity to pour water on the hands of Thai and Japanese executives as a way to show respect, ask forgiveness and receive blessings to give employees good luck. In addition, Songkran activities such as water fights and putting powder on one another involves both Thai and Japanese to provide entertainment before returning home during the Songkran holidays.






12. Safety Week Event

The “Safety Week Event” is organized to campaign for and promote employees in gaining knowledge, understanding and awareness about the importance of work safety in order to reduce work accidents and have employees participate in safety activities. The event has an event board about safety and education booths and games and quiz competitions for prizes. Employees show interest with good attendance at the event.



13. Fire Escape Drills

Fire escape drills are organized with realistic situation simulation in order to provide employees with knowledge and understanding about fire evacuation and fire escape methods along with victim search and rescue in order to prevent loss to life and assets to fire and boost safety confidence in employees during fires.